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EdenMed Skin Care Clinics in Chelsea and Bournemouth run along side our Aesthetics and Rejuvenation. Providing skin health advice, consultations and skin care treatments.


What is EdenMed's ethos on skin health?

Our approach to skin health, aesthetics and rejuvenation begins on the inside. As a longstanding and highly qualified doctor in the fields of medicine, skin and facial surgery and general practice, Dr. Sam Ghazawy has seen and treated thousands of patients suffering from hundreds of different conditions over the last 20 years. In General Practice, we understand very well that health begins on the inside. Arguably, the most important aspect of health is that of psychology. Approaches that incorporate self-compassion, happiness, meditation and deep breathing have been clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress on the body. Increased adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) lead to physiological changes in all organs including the skin. Over a prolonged perios, these physiological changed may contribute to pemanent alterations within skin structures leading to a more aged, tired and sunken appearance. Mind set and mind health are therefore integral to skin health. That is why at EdenMed Skin Care Clinics we don't rush your appointment.

The second point aproaching skin health from the inside out concerns nutrition. We know inherantly that good nutrition contributes to good health, we don't need scientific research to prove that. Nevertheless, the scientific world is full of research proving that exact point and it includes an ever increasing body of scientific, nutritional and medical papers relating specifically to skin health. We know vitamin C, retinol / retinoic acid (vitamin A), vitamin E, folic acid, trace elements such as zinc and iron all play significant roles in maintaing your body's healthy barrier to the outside world. Feed it what it needs.

Then we have exercise, massage, reflexology and other wellbeing practices. These can all help to increase the effeciency of blood flow (the nutrient delivery system) and skin gland function. They also serve to stimulate endorphines and oxytocin ( neuro chemicals that give a sense of pleasure, wellbeing and happiness) and reduce stress levels.

At EdenMed Skin Care we understand that using a whole-system approach to skin health is vitally important. That is why we have decided to team up with the Obagi skin care range to treat and improve a number of skin related issues on the fourth element of our approach, which is to say, scientifically proven, effective and long lasting topical treatments. Some of these treatments are only available on presription following a consultation and require ongoing regular monitoring. Dr. Sam is happy to discuss this and any other questions you may have during your consultation either online on face to face in one or our skin care clinics in Chelsea or Bournemouth.


Are you concerned about skin aging, skin pigmentation (chloasma, melasma or age spots), fine lines or roughness? Then the tailor made Obagi skin care system available at our Chelsea and Bournemouth clinics could help. 

Do you want to have a medical grade chemical peel with dedicated pre-peel and post peel skin care? Or perhaps you're unsure of what is the best treatment for maximising your skin's potential.

At Edenmed Aesthetics we're very well placed to provide you with expert dermatological and aesthetic advice from Dr. Sam Ghazawy, who has over 20 years experience in medical fields related to dermatology, skin surgery and aesthetic medicine. You can book a no obligation consultation via our bookings app.

Obagi Skin Care Range 

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