Dissolving Dermal Fillers

Why you should be aware of this option

Why Consider Having Your Lip Or Dermal Fillers Dissolved?

There are many reasons why fillers in lips, tear troughs and other areas may need dissolving.  The UK dermal filler regulations are some of the worst in the world. Some injectors  who are poorly trained – or sometimes not even trained at all – are far more likely to give you poor results or even inject in a way that is dangerous to your health.

A poor injecting technique, use of the wrong filler in the wrong place and various other inexperienced or unknowledgable applications of dermal filler may lead to lumps, bumps, discolouration and migration of flller to unwanted places.

The most dangerous complication of filler injection is a blockage in a major facial blood vessel that in worst cases can lead to permanent blindness or even a stroke. At EdenMed Aesthetics your safety is the absolute priority.

You should also have facial aesthetic treatments, such as lip filler, cheek filler, jaline filler, tear trough correction, liquid nose job, liquid facelifts and others, from a specialist medically qualified person and preferably one with facial surgical qualifications, such as Dr. Sam Ghazawy.


If the filler is injected too close to the surface of your lip, bumps and hard lumps can appear, making your lips look misshapen and uneven. 


Filler administered incorrectly by poorly trained or untrained individuals may migrate to areas that are unitended. This is especially problematic in the lips and tear trough area and the results can look truly undesirable. Having an expert on hand to correct these issues is one of the reasons Dr. Sam's skills and knowledge are sought after from across the country.

Lip filler dissolving can also be used by patients wishing to reduce the volume of their lips and go back to a more natural look, as famously seen on kylie Jenner

EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation, and Dr. Sam in particular, are rapidly becoming one of the most sought after aesthetics experts in Chelsea and Bournemouth. It is important to be able to trust your beauty to only the very best. Dr. Sam's approach to flawless beauty treatments in the safest possible environment means his skills and expert knowledge are at hand for you personally.


What Is Lip Filler Or Tear Trough Filler Dissolving Treatment?

Lip filler dissolving is a treatment that can be used to quickly break down dermal filler safely and comfortably. The treatment works by injecting hyaluronidase into the lips or tear trough area. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that exists naturally in your body already. When you get lip fillers normally, low levels of naturally occurring hyaluronidase are the reason they break down over time. If you need your fillers dissolved and removed more quickly, we simply inject safe, more concentrated doses of hyaluronidase to break down the hyaluronic acid in the filler formula, which is then carried away by your body’s own natural systems.

While dermal fillers can be bought by almost anyone, and treatment carried out in unsafe environments, hyaluronidase has to be prescribed by a medical professional. Doctor Sam highly recommends that you should only ever have lip and dermal filler treatment if you know the clinic has hyaluronidase on hand in case of emergencies. Emergencies are an important consideration when any dermal filler is used. If this rare event does occur Dr. Sam will immediately act in your best interest in the administraton of hyaluronidase. As with any injected substance there are risks with using hyaluronidase, including a small risk of infection, bleeding, bruising and allergic reaction.



Better than 100% guarantee
Dermal Filler Guarantee

At EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation, I’m so confident you’ll be delighted with filler results, I’m willing to put money on it. I want you to be totally confident with your decision. If you’re not 100% happy with any single filler treatment, (e.g. lips, cheeks, tear troughs, etc.) simply book back in at 6 weeks after your treatment to have the filler completely dissolved free of charge and a full refund of your money, plus a further £5 for your inconvenience.

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