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Expert, Pioneering, Aesthetics and Skin Rejuvenation Clinics. Exclusively designed and perfected skin rejuvenation and enhancement treatments by Dr. Sam Ghazawy MB.ChB. MRCP. MRCSEd(Ophth). MRCGP. World-wide exclusive liquid face lift packages, EdenSculpt and NefertitiSculpt, only available at EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation clinics.

Anti-aging Treatments

As anti-aging procedures have become less invasive and more effective, no longer do you have to go under the knife to see fast and visible results.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medical Treatments in Harley Street, Chelsea, Poole & Bournemouth

EdenMed offers a wide range of high quality non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the face and body from our clinics in Harley Street, Chelsea, Poole and Bournemouth. 

With a focus on the highest standards of quality and safety, EdenMed delivers subtle, yet noticeable results.  What does this mean? Simply, the person in the mirror will be YOU – the real you – only fresher, more rested, youthful and rejuvenated.

We also specialise in diagnosing and treating numerous medical skin and eyelid conditions, which could make a valuable difference to how you feel – and look.

EdenMed’s treatments are bespoke. And, several are genuinely unique due to the way in which they’re administered, and the combination of fillers that we use. Why not book a consultation with Annie or Dr. Sam.

Facial and Body Aesthetic Treatments

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You are unique.  You deserve to look good and to feel great every day. we offer complete face and body rejuvenation treatments, including..

  • Nutritional consultations with Annie
  • Dermal, lip and body fillers
  • Sciton BBL light therapy
  • Endolift face and body lifts
  • Botulinum toxin
  • Liquid face lifts
  • PDO threads
  • PRP facials
  • Fat reduction injections

…And many more

Why choose us?

The EdenMed Approach

You’re very welcome to browse through our website, where you’ll find all the information you need to help you decide which treatment is just right. There’s no hard sell here. 

Just a focus on informed consent, advice and guidance.  After all, when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments, we’re in a crowded sector.

It goes without saying that you need to make the correct choices.

Meet Annie

Hi! I'm Annie Dollar, skin care, nutritional and fitness expert at EdenMed Aesthetics. 

Before joining Dr. Sam at EdenMed, my background was in health and fitness, nutritional support and makeup artistry and cosmetics. I understand the importance of looking after your skin health and beauty from the inside out. My ethos, along with Dr. Sam's, is about getting the foundations right with the correct nutrition and mindset towards a healthy life. Get the psychology right and the rest will follow.

That's why I'm here to offer you support with nutrition, especially when it comes to hormone balance. We all know, as females, our bodies go through cyclical changes on a daily basis, let alone monthly, or the menopause. I'll help you through those cycles with commonsense nutritional advice (but to be clear, I'm not a hormone specialist or biochemical scientist) as well as treatments to lighten, brighten and enhance the natural radiance of your skin.

In my spare time, I love getting the walking boots on and going out for long walks in the New Forest with my dogs. Or getting my trainers on for a run or the gym. I am very much into fitness and vitality and who doesn't like getting dressed up for a good night out. Like everyone, I have my interests, including fashion, makeup, music, travelling, theatre, nature, animals, climbing and hanging out with my friends.

I can help you achieve the most beautiful skin and be the best version of yourself, not only from the outside, but also from within. You feel good, you look good!

Meet Doctor Sam

Dr. Sam Ghazawy, EdenMed Clinic

My name is Dr. Sam Ghazawy (Medical Director, MB.ChB. MRCP, MRCSEd. MRCGP). I’m an expert, non-surgical doctor with over 22 years’ experience in this specialist field.

My expertise has enabled me to develop a number of treatments exclusive to EdenMed which focus on addressing the specific needs of many of my clients. These include my popular liquid facelift packages, EdenSculpt and NefertitiSculpt.

This exciting select range is not available anywhere else in the UK. 

I’m passionate about what I do.  I’m a human being first, and a doctor second, so don’t feel nervous.  My empathy and understanding will enable me to relate to your concerns and issues, and to find the best solution for you. The New You awaits, it really does.

I’m committed to exacting standards, not only in the products I use, but also in their administration.

Find out more about me here…

Your Next Step?

Get in touch with Dr Sam

With my artistry skills, I share the same proud traditional heritage with that of my Egyptian ancestors. 

Yet, I combine the best of the art and science worlds, with the very latest in medical cosmetic treatments.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

Why not get in touch to find out more? Your consultation fee will be taken off the treatment cost.



Better than 100% guarantee
Dermal Filler Guarantee

At EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation, I’m so confident you’ll be delighted with filler results, I’m willing to put money on it. I want you to be totally confident with your decision. If you’re not 100% happy with any single filler treatment, (e.g. lips, cheeks, tear troughs, etc.) simply book back in at 6 weeks after your treatment to have the filler completely dissolved free of charge and a full refund of your money, plus a further £5 for your inconvenience.

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