Prices are subject to your individual needs and
will be discussed fully at consultation

  • £150 1 area

    £200 2 areas

    £240 3 areas
  • Lip fillers 1ml

  • Tear Troughs

  • Cheeks

    from £450 for 2ml
  • Jawline filer

    from £450 for 2ml
  • Temple filler

    from £450 for 2 ml
  • Chin filler

    from £250 for 1 ml
  • Liquid nose job

  •         1vial

  •         3 vials

  •         5 Vials

  • #EdenRefresh PRP facial

    from £350
  • #EdenRevive PRP hair restoration

    from £395
  • PDO thread tightening

    from £450
    Predominantly used in the mid face, jaw line and neck areas to induce new collagen formation and tighten loose, saggy or wrinkled skin.
  • PDO thread Lift

    from £1,450
    PDO barbed thread lift to stimulate new collagen formation and simultaneously lift the face for a tight, smooth, youthful appearance. PDO thread lifts can also be used to lift the breasts and buttocks for less invassive treatment than a traditional surgical approach, especially when used as part of the cellulite treatment package.
  • cellulite treatment package and body sculpting

    price on application
  • Brazilian Bum Lift

    price on application
    There are a number of safe non surgical techniques to enhance buttock shape and smoothness. Done as part of the cellulite treatment package or as a stand alone treatment, for example using Radiesse dermal filler , PDO threads or PRP to sculpt, plump and tighten.
  • Hand rejuvenation

    from £450 for 2ml
    Hand rejuvenation with dermal filler is often overlooked, but well hydrated, plump, healthy looking skin on the hands can make all the difference.
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis)

    Botulinum toxin A, Botox, can be used in the armpits (axillae) and other areas of excessive troublesome sweating. Effects last up to 6 months.
  • Teeth grinding treatment, Botulinum toxin

    Botulinum toxin A, Botox / Azzulure can be used effectively to weaken the masseter muscle and reduce troublesome teeth grinding that can lead to tension headaches, migraine and tooth decay.
  • Migraine treatment, botulinum toxin

    Price on application
    Did you know botulinum Toxin A (botox / Azzulure) is approaved by NICE in the UK for migraine treatment? There is a set standard protocol to follow regarding injections for migraine. You will need a detailed medical assessment first, so if you are thinking about this as a potential treatment, please book in for an EdenMed GP health and wellbeing consultation in the first instance.

* We treat each patient on an individual one-to-one basis. Following your consultation you'll be given the price for the package of services tailored to your specific needs. Click here to go to our treaments page. Dr. Sam Ghazawy is regisered with the General Medical Council of Great Britain. GMC no. 4536044