What is a microcannula?

What is a micocannula and how does it differ from a needle?

Why is it important?

You may know what a cannula is if you've ever watched a medical drama and seen someone being given fluids via a tube directly into their vein. 

The small tube in the vein is the cannula. A microcannula used in aesthetic medicine is a similar instrument used to accurately deposit filler into superficial or deep tissues in the lips, cheeks, tear trough area, temples, brows, jaw or chin. The important difference between a microcannula and needle is in the gentle way that the microcannula slides between (rather than cuts through, as with a needle) the tissues. This means the risk of bleedng, bruising, pain, discomfort and the serious complication of injecting filler into a blood vessel is greatly reduced. 

Both microcannula and needle techniques are valid, but Dr. Sam has developed a detailed anatomical knowledge and extensive experience through his work as an eye surgeon in mastering microcannula techniques, which is his prefered instrument. This means your comfort will be maximised, your safety will be maximised and you are sure to get great results from a qualified ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. 

Microcannulae tend to be used most for dermal facial fillers including lip filler augmentation, cheek and jaw filler enhancement, temples and liquid nose jobs or rhinoplasty. The type of microcannula used, its size, shape, material and flexibility, has a bearing on the procedure, outcome and reduction of risks and potential complications. Generally speaking, Dr. Sam's use of microcanula is so expert and gentle that most clients are amazed with the comfort they experience compared to what they were expecting, or what they had experienced in other settings where a microcannula is not used. In addition you can be sure of the very best results possible. It is Dr. Sam's expert ophthalmic surgical skill and experience that he brings to cutting edge facial rejuvenation treatments. This has enabled him to develop and perfect expert and exclusive facelifting treatment protocols such as the EdenSculpt, NefertitiSculpt and EdenComplete treatments. 


Many people will be aware of microcannula usage in dermal fillers as outlined above, but did you know Dr. Sam also uses a different type of microcannula for body sculpting fat reduction using Aqualyx?

The body sculpting microcannula is longer and more rigid and used in combination with a numbing anaesthetic to maximise comfort and produce great body contouring results. Have a look at the Aqualyx fat reduction page in Treatments for more information.


So what are the take home messages about the microcannula?


1. There is great skill in using one

2. There are many different types to choose from, each with thier pros and cons.

3. Needles are still important and may be used in combination with the microcannula.

4. Microcannulae increase comfort and safety, but do not elimiate risk altogether. There is always a risk with any procedure and you should make certain all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction prior to undergoing any cosmetic, aesthetic or rejuvenating treatment.

5. In an emergency/urgent situation, Dr. Sam will act in your best interest to maximise your safety. This may include stopping the treatment, dissolving the filler, treating allergic reactions, referring you to specialist colleagues.