Liquid Facelift Treatment

NefertitiSculpt Liquid Facelift

A truly exceptional liquid facelift treatment in Chelsea and Bournemouth – exclusively developed by Dr. Sam Ghazawy.

NefertitiSculpt is an advanced minimally invasive liquid non-surgical facelift treatment that’s unique to EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation. 

Do you have a more mature face? Then this could be perfect. The Nerfertiti’s combination of products, and the procedures I follow, are, to my knowledge, completely distinct to me, Dr. Sam. Let me explain briefly how it works, and the aesthetic science behind its development.  Keep reading.  I want to offer you plenty of information to help you make an informed decision on whether the NefertitiSculpt is right for you.

In a nutshell

The NefertitiSculpt is safe and comfortable to experience, and there’s little or no downtime after your treatment.  You can literally carry on with your day.  Perhaps you could even call it a lunchtime liquid facelift

The treatment uses 10 m of hyaluronic acid fillers to sculpt, volumise and plump the skin, plus Botulinum toxin for an effective antiwrinkle effect, if required.  Therefore, it's a “step up” from the EdenSculpt treatment, which uses 7 ml. There are many reasons for the difference between the two signature liquid facelift treatments. Not only the amount of filler that I use, but also the combinations, and the areas of the face that I treat.

The Aesthetics Behind NefertitiSculpt

Did you know about the “golden ratio” of 1 to 1.62?  Many people consider it the  ideal proportions in beauty, nature and design.  And, it just happens to define the beauty of the bust of Queen Nefertiti. 

Thus, this “perfect” balance is what I aim to create here. Conceptually, dividing the face into thirds, then each third into the “golden” ratio, my goal is to re-create your absolute best, classically beautiful, rejuvenated and lifted facial contours.

Don’t worry.  You are still YOU, not the caricature of a total stranger.  Fundamentally, the intention is to achieve understated yet excellent results with the right proportion of fillers in the most appropriate areas of your face.  Above all, we’re enriching your natural beauty.

If you want to read more on the bust of Nefertiti, tap on the coloured picture.

Important Information – How it Works

  • The NefertitiSculpt liquid nonsurgical facelift treatment uses 10 ml of Hyaluronic acid fillers, as well as Botulinum toxin if I feel I need to. I administer the treatment through a microcannula into various areas of the skin and subcutaneous layers. However, I may use a needle if it’s likely to lead to a better result for you.
  • The procedure takes about an hour and a half, with the first part of the session dedicated to an in-depth consultation. Your comfort and confidence are my number one priority.  Don’t feel nervous. Ask me anything.
  • As I mentioned, there is little or no downtime at all.
  • There is an exceedingly small risk of infection, bleeding and bruising– less than 1%. Although I must manage your expectations clearly here, with a background in eye and eyelid surgery, please feel reassured of my skills and experience. 
  • You’ll see final results at around six weeks, once any swelling has settled fully and the hyaluronic acid filler incorporated into your skin. You may need a small tweak at this stage, which is free of charge.
  • In general, tear trough filler lasts about 9 months. Other facial filler areas last between 12 and 24 months.  Botulinum toxin typically lasts for about 4 months.



The complete package for the Nefertiti liquid facelift treatment is £2,499 for 10 ml of filler and 3 areas of botulinum toxin.  A touch-up at the 6-week review is free.