Rosacea Treatment

What is the science behind Rosacea and how can we cure it?

What’s behind ROSACEA? If you want to learn more about the condition, tap on this link to the Mayo clinic once you've read below. Don't be disheartened by their suggestion that there is no cure. There is!
Having Rosacea can be embarrassing. it's a sign of poor skin health, characterised by redness, broken blood vessels, dry scaly skin and emotional and psychological upset. Rosacea is incredibly common and affects huge numbers of adults in all age brackets. It's more common as we get older. 
Until recently, it was thought there was no cure. Rosacea treatment concentrated on staying out of the sun, not over exerting oneself, avoiding alcohol and emotional triggers of facial flushing. Certain soaps and skin creams could make it worse. 
But here's the good news!
We can now, potentially cure rosacea*. Advancements in technology, such as Sciton's mJoule BBL (we have the very first mJoule in the UK, available at both our Bournemouth and Chelsea clinics), have proven very effective treatments for rosacea and other cgronic skin inflammatory conditions. BBL uses intense pulsed light at varying wavelengths to close broken blood vessels, activate the skin's natural healing process and switch off the stimulants of chronic skin inflammation. 
If you'd like to finally improve your skin quality in an effective way, book in for a consultation with Annie or Dr. Sam. 
*results vary and are dependent on duration and frequency of treatment, as well as other factors. 
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