Liquid Facelifts

Liquid Facelift Packages

Dr. Sam Ghazawy has spent years training in the fields of medicine, ophthalmic surgery and general practice. He brings his wealth of medical knowledge, surgical skill and communication 'bedside manner' to his Aesthetic and Rejuvenation clinics in Chelsea and Bournemouth. He is a pioneer in the field of providing safe, effective, comfortable and beautiful treatments to benefit his many clients, male and female, 18 to 75+. Two of EdenMed's most popular liquid facelifts are the EdenSculpt and NefertitiSculpt liquid facelift packages.

How long does it take?

These mini facelifts using 5 or 7 mls of dermal filler for facial rejuvenation take about an hour to perform, hence you could have one in your lunch break! The min facial lifting effects are instant and long lasting.


These packages are not available in any other clinic in the world and were designed specifically by Dr. Sam himself in response to what his clients were asking him to acheive. They are an amazing and effective low-risk alternative to the standard surgical facelift. Dr. Sam uses specific combinations of 5 ml of hyaluronic acid dermal filler for the EdenSculpt liquid facelift package, developed for clients up to around 45 years of age; or 7ml in the NefertitiSculpt liquid facelift package for more mature individuals, so named after his ancient ancestor Queen Nefertiti and her recognised aesthetically beautiful facial contours.


Why develop liquid facelift packages?

Dr. Sam has a passion for giving his clients the very best results available anywhere in the world. He also believes that treatments should not only be for the extremely wealthy, but that the physical and psychological effects of looking and feeling your best should be available to the majority of people. For these reasons the EdenSculpt and NefertitiSculpt liquid facelift packages were designed and created by Dr. Sam to give instantly noticeable results at an affordable price. You could easily pay 5-10 as much in other clinics, if these exclusive treatments were available. 

Of course both of these treatments can be used as a platform for building further enhncements and tweakments bespokely adapted to meet your specific needs, whether that means further dermal fillers, neuromodulation with toxin, PDO thread lifts, fat dissolving etc. At the end of the process you will still be you, just a fresher, younger, more defined, tighter-skined version of yourself.