Dermal Fillers for Hands

Hand Rejuvenation

EdenMed offers bespoke, hand rejuvenation treatments from our clinics in Chelsea and Bournemouth.

Using the same, highly skilled microcannula technique that I apply with facial dermal fillers, this time it’s a superb, revitalising treatment for the parts of your body that are almost continually on show. The parts we take for granted.

Which are? Your hands, of course.

Are Your Hands in Need of Some TLC?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (well, almost) that our hands can give away our age.  And, the sort of life we’ve had!

And, no wonder. Our hands are always busy. 

They’re exposed to sun, wind and rain all year round.  A question: when was the last time you applied sunscreen to your hands?  It’s easy to forget to do this.  Your hands are extremely prone to damage from ultraviolet light.  This means that they could show “wear and tear” earlier than the other more covered up parts of your body.


The elements, combined with normal human activities such as washing up, gardening, cleaning, and just generally doing things, – can all add up to a bit of dextrous weathering.

The Problem

Your hands may be showing a loss of collagen and elastin.  Perhaps the skin is wrinkled, or thinner, with loss of volume, so that veins or tendons show up more easily.  You could be experiencing liver spots (brown marks that come naturally with age).

The ProblemThe Solution

My name is Dr. Sam Ghazawy.  I’m a fully qualified and surgically trained doctor with 25 years’ experience, and I may have the answer for you. I offer rejuvenation treatments to substantially improve the appearance of your hands.  Those smooth, line-free hands that you had when you were younger?  Well, I can’t turn back time.  But, I can make you proud to show them off again.

Using dermal fillers with a microcannula, the subcutaneous tissues of the hands can be plumped up for an immediate result – with the full effects up to 6 weeks later. 

The microcannula tool minimises bruising, swelling and discomfort. Plus, it’s generally safer in the right hands.  Which in this case, are mine.


This is a natural-looking treatment, with long-lasting results: 12 to 18 months.

How It Works

  • We’ll carry out a full consultation before your treatment.  I want you to be fully informed, and for you to have the space and time to ask as many questions as you need.  

  • I’ll examine your hands, observing any turgor and hydration, as well as the surface anatomy.  If you’re ready to go ahead, I’ll clean your skin and apply a numbing cream, followed by the dermal filler by means of a microcannula.

  • There’s very little downtime.  Further, although this treatment isn’t risk free, you’re in extremely safe hands (pun intended) due to my knowledge and experience.  In fact, there’s a less than 1% risk of complications.

  • I offer dedicated aftercare, and a free follow-up appointment should you have any concerns or queries. 

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Now you can show off your hands.  Get in touch with EdenMed for more information about our outstanding hand rejuvenation treatments.

Better than 100% guarantee
Dermal Filler Guarantee

At EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation, I’m so confident you’ll be delighted with filler results, I’m willing to put money on it. I want you to be totally confident with your decision. If you’re not 100% happy with any single filler treatment, (e.g. lips, cheeks, tear troughs, etc.) simply book back in at 6 weeks after your treatment to have the filler completely dissolved free of charge and a full refund of your money, plus a further £5 for your inconvenience.

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