Naso Labial Folds and Marionette Lines

What are Nasolabial Folds?

Nose to mouth lines, otherwise known as nasolabial folds, are a common probem area. They are typically the deep vertical folds of skin that run from the side of the nose to the corner of the lips. EdenMed Aesthetics and Rejuvenation in Chelsea and Bournemouth are here to help.

With many facial areas it is important to know where the problem lies. Nasolabial folds are a sign of problems higher up. The cause of the folds is due to volume loss affecting the cheek fat pads, widening of the obits and stretching of the suspensory ligaments of the face. It may even stem from anatomical changes to the temples.

I've also developed a microcannula technique, using all the skills learned as an ophthalmic surgeon, to smooth and minimise the pre-jowl sulcus. This is the area just in front of the jowls that seems to curve inward. Combination treatments are definitely the best approach to the univerally problematic area. 

And now, we also have the benefit of SkyneTyte II, the most advanced Intense Pulsed Light system for inducing collagen and tightening skin, in the world. 


How are nose to mouth lines treated?

Dr. Sam does not believe in injecting the nasolabial nose to mouth lines directly with filler as a primary treatment. The rsult of doing this alone with filler is an unnatural appearance to the lower third of the face. Rather, through his expert study of anatomy and beauty he will invariably treat the defective causes of the nasolabial folds. This might include cheek augmentation, tear trough correction and temple region hyaluronic filler. 

The areas mentioned above may be treated singularly, in combination, or as part of a liquid facelift package, to achieve the very best result in lifting and smoothing the nasolabial fold. We always treat both sides simultaneously for balance. 


What else is different about Dr. Sam's approach to treating nasolabial folds?

Whilst treating the cause of the deep folds involves upper face augmentation, Dr. Sam will often combine this with gentle subcision therapy and platelet rich plasma (sometimes in combination with hyaluronic acid filler) directly into the nasolabial fold itself.

Subcision is a semi-surgical minimally invasive treatment used to break the fibrous anchoring point just under the skin surface. When combined with platelet rich plasma or HA filler you get a 3-in-1 effect.

There is yet another option available for the treatment of nose to mouth lines. This is with the use of PDO threads. Often as part of the PDO thread tightening or lifting treatment.  Often combination treatment is what is needed. Dr. Sam will target the nasolabial folds to tighten and support the skin. Tap here to return to dermal fillers. 

What is subcision? Tap here to learn more.

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